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Yes, it's true! The academy is closing for good on APRIL 15, 2022. This is your final opportunity to join!


Greetings and Welcome VIP Darlings!

I am so pleased that you have made the quality decision of allowing me to guide you in your path of feminine growth and expansion. What you are reading will offer insight into the level of commitment you will need to receive the results you desire from joining the Teach Me How To Date VIP Academy.
First and foremost, this life-changing journey will require your determination, effort, and willingness to change your mindset. This is not a passive endeavor, as you will need to be purposeful about actively changing your mindset daily. You must be settled on the fact what you have known and practiced up to this point no longer serves where you are now, much less where you are going. Do not shrink back from the experiences that have brought you here. See your journey as the absolute best you knew how to do, until this present moment. That being said, it's imperative that you know that everything offered in Teach Me How to Date VIP Academy will reach into and touch every facet of your current belief system and way of being


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In this very moment, you have to resolve within yourself that no matter what, YOU WILL NOT FALL BACK! YOU WILL NOT RUN! YOU WILL NOT BECOME UNRECEPTIVE to the teachings, training, and exercises, as all of them have been divinely designed and will make you feel uncomfortable. For, it is from that place that you will begin to experience the internal shifting and growth that has been calling out to you and has subsequently led you to this amazing place of transformation.
Word to the Wise, this is not the place for obtaining manipulation strategies or the perfunctory watching of videos to gain such information. Should you not heed this warning and follow that path, you will soon find those efforts futile. You will have only garnered temporary techniques that do not have the capacity to keep you on the life-transforming trajectory offered here in the Teach Me How to Date VIP Academy.
Furthermore, that does not reflect the mindset of a wise woman. Better yet, this is not how a wise woman who understands how important it is to 'become' functions in her life. With that said, be comfortable with the reality of possibly being here two, three months, or even six months. We have members that have been a part of this collective since its inception in 2017. Why? Because one of the beautiful things about this delightful group is, even after some of our sisters have married, they chose to remain, as they yet glean from the words of wisdom and support that can only be found in the Teach Me How to Date VIP Academy.




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In other words, they came for the content, but they stay for the amazing community that we have built. I cannot express how delighted I would be to have you join our Teach Me How to Date VIP Academy. However, I would be remiss if I did not emphasize how important it is for you to understand and embrace the massive shift in your mindset required for this journey. There will be times when my delivery and/or correction will seem a little stern. That is because I want you to succeed in this endeavor that you have chosen to embark upon. It is imperative that you are successful here, as my success manifests when you embody and enjoy the fruits of our journey together.
 Again, it all begins with and calls for a change of your mindset. I want to help you achieve this remarkable, life-changing shift. I will be totally transparent here. You will feel challenged, and you will even feel a little offended at times. However, this is not because someone or something is actually offending you. This will occur because the message is challenging what you have been taught and believing for all your life. It will be felt in your heart and headspace, and it will cause you to feel uncomfortable. Guess what? I want you to feel uncomfortable, on edge.
Heck, go ahead and get a good cry in because that is the tender space leading to that place of phenomenal growth and change you have been seeking. Your next objective is to have courage. Have the courage to move forward, dare to know that you can have better, have the courage to say, " if I fall down, then you know what, I have the courage to get back up and try this thing!"


This will be critical to your growth. Because the more you move forward, though taking baby steps, you are taking steps, and those steps are changing your belief pattern. This repetition of falling, getting back up, starting again begins to reinforce your new belief system, and you will begin to witness changes to your outcomes.
So, I say again; you are going to need courage on this journey. As you embark upon this path, you will find some amazing sisters here who will encourage you and walk alongside you. While I have mentioned baby steps, do know that my goal is to apply gentle pressure that will nudge you forward. Since you can decide who you want to be and you can become her overnight, you cannot take or remain on baby steps for a prolonged period.


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All it takes is making a solid decision. We might let you play around for a short little while, but just a little bit. After that, it is full steam ahead. Unless you want to spend another holiday by yourself, I'm just sayin. All jokes aside, you don't want to be without your great love there to support you and in most unforgettable moments and accomplishments. So, get serious and have the courage to take the necessary measures to secure your love life, as you did when you went to get that degree. As you did to get the job promotion. This is your life. Have the courage to make your love life a priority. One of the most important decisions you will ever make will be who you choose to marry and/or the person with whom you choose to be in a relationship with.
I realize everyone in the Teach Me How to Date VIP Academy is not looking for marriage. Some are looking for long-term partnerships, and that's fine, too. Just understand, you didn't just get that degree. You didn't just get that job. You didn't just get that house. Everything you accomplished was because you made getting them a priority. To that, I say," You got this, too!" "You can do this, too!" You do everything else. Why not this? Well, you can, with the same effort that you put into everything else. You can do this, as well. I will leave with you the following seeds of encouragement and enlightenment.
As you journey with us in the Teach Me How to Date VIP Academy, know it's okay to feel uncomfortable. You are invited to share those feelings within our private community because you are not alone. You have a loving, supportive sisterhood here that is willing to share in your experience. All inquiries are wanted and welcome, so ask away. There is no such thing as a dumb question. Be aware and more awakened to your internal and external environment.
Your days of being on autopilot or doing what you have always done are behind you. You are now in April Mason's house. Expect new ways to express and represent yourself. Basic thinking and low-level functioning are no longer suited for you. You are an exquisite and exclusive Feminine Woman, and you will now operate as such in every area of our life.
 I want to make sure that you are making decisions like a wise woman, one that does not concern herself with the opinions of others. To that end, there will be those in your community that may notice that you're shifting, and those people may choose not to remain a part of your sphere of influence. That is okay too. We have the community in the Teach Me How to Date VIP Academy waiting to embrace you.
To ensure you understand and are in compliance with the Teach Me How to Date VIP Academy community, be sure to read all the rules and codes of conduct that have been set forth by us and by which we govern ourselves. Finally, and in closing, I implore you to go through all the steps of this process and make your progress a priority in your life. Why? Because girl, you got this!



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